How could people become their own renewable source of energy?




Energy on Wheels

A power generating shopping cart for homeless people.
Tim Pion, Kim Vanderhoven, Johan Van Stichel

Is it possible to create a social-energy network for the homeless?


We were looking for a way to help the homeless people and try to create an environment for them where they could gain energy out of their daily activities. It should be a system that would give these people the chance to rehabilitate in society.


The system has a chance to work if many homeless people are willing to cooperate in building a human energy network. They would store energy during the day so that they are able to prepare some food at night or power a little heating machine. Instead of using money they use energy to trade between themselves or buy some food from each other.


Especially in the United States, homeless people keep shopping carts to store and transport their belongings. For our prototype, we augmented such a cart with dynamos: now pushing the cart will generate enough energy to power a light, a radio or a little fan. Storing this energy and connecting carts could help heating the stove below to prepare some food.

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