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Dirt Annihilator I

A clean way to clean the streets.
Tom Van Haaren, Francis Van de Leest

We were interested in building an ecological device that contributes to a nicer world from the scrap we all brought to school. Since there were several bikes and bike wreckages, we were thinking of a human powered mobile device: a human powered street and cycle path cleaning machine.

Old situation   New situation
How it should work:
How we made it work:
We built the trike from an old wheelchair, an old bicycle and some scrap iron tubes. The brush system at the back end was made from MDF and 3 brooms. Normally the broom system spins by the motion of the whole trike. For the prototype we didn’t have the right pieces to build this so we had to find another system. That is why there is a second person in the trike. He actuates the brooms. Normally, where the second person is seated now, there would be a bin to collect the dirt that is swept up by the brooms.
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Ways to modify it:

Replace the brooms by a de-icing system to clear the cycle path in winter.
Replace the brooms by a mechanical lawnmower. The grass is then collected inside the bin.
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