How could people become their own renewable source of energy?




Bike 4 Tea

Have a nice cup of tea when going for a bike ride!
Els Du Bois, Joerik Machiels, Jasper Willemen
You're biking through the fields and the forrest, taking a break you start longing for a nice, steaming cup of tea. However, there is no electricity available nor do you want to burn wood to cause more air pollution.
BUT... we have our strong legs and a nice bike, so let's use them to make ourselves that nice, steaming cup of tea!

Can we create enough electricity with one bike to boil 1/2 liter of water in about 5 minutes in order to have our cup of tea in the middle of nowhere?
Our prototype exists of a normal bicycle that can be transformed from a normal bike to a personal powerplant by flipping the carrier upside down.
This carrier is fitted with 11 dynamo's (it should have been 14) working toghether to produce an electric current of +/- 70 V.
Next we fitted a jar with a heating element (at least a dummy of it) and a light bulb (just for fun) that we could attach to the dynamo's in order to serve as a cooking pot.
Watch the video (2.1 MB)
- The Bike 4 Tea would be a very useful product in third world countries where lots of people have no acces to an electricity net.
- Bike 4 Tea makes camping trips more luxurious and free at the same time, exploring remoted areas by bike becomes less risky.
- By combining a few Bike 4 Teas it's possible to boil larger amounts of water or in a shorter period of time, it also makes it possible to get 230 V, so you you could power almost every existing product.
- Bike 4 Tea can also be used in fitness studios, the resistance can be adapted by the number of dynamos you click on the wheel and the electricity can be used to power other things.
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